Welcome to our family!

Our dogs are the centre of our world. Our 40 Alaskan Huskies make up our extended family and although they are working dogs, not pets, we treat them with the same respect and care that any pet owner would be proud of. And we think it shows in their behaviour. Our dogs are extremely friendly, obedient and good around children. They are also hard working, loyal and energetic! When it’s time to run they are jumping and barking ready to go. When they are resting in their yards, they are usually playful but calm and quiet. Occasionally you will hear them howl; perhaps a thank you for their dinner or just a show of solidarity but mostly they like the calm, peaceful atmosphere as much as our guests do.

Our dogs live in outside dog yards of at least 24 square metres with houses that are insulated and protected against the cold and wet. Even when the temperature hits minus 30, our dogs are warm and comfortable in their houses with plenty of straw and sawdust to make a cosy bed. We keep them in pairs as they prefer the company of other dogs but we also make sure they have a space of their own should they want it. Sweden has very high standards when it comes to animal welfare and we strive to maintain even higher standards of care than are required.

We feed our dogs with the highest quality dog food on the market; a special dry food by Royal Canin made specifically for working sled dogs. We mix this with high grade raw meat, usually sourced straight from the slaughter house with nothing added. Depending on a dog’s individual requirements, the temperature, or other conditions, we may also supplement their feed with salmon oil or animal fat. In the winter, our 40 dogs can easily chomp their way through 20kg of dry food and 30kg of meat or more a day! It makes them expensive to keep but to us they are worth every penny.

Each of our dogs is special and they all have very individual personalities. Here’s a small introduction to the team.

Our dog - Aida 1


Aida is a young female that likes nothing more than a belly rub!

Our dog - Alonso 4


Adorable Alonso is our howler! If someone is going to start off a chorus, you can bet it will be him.

Our dog - Bak 3


Bak is another recent edition to our kennel and came to us from Slovakia.

Our dog - Balto 3


Balto is like an old English gentleman… he’s in love with Ratty who seems to love him back just as much.

Our dog - Bucho


Bucho lives with his brother Bak. He’s another young male and training as a leader.

Our dog - Button 5


Button is an amazing female leader who wags her tail so fast in a circular motion we sometimes think she’ll fly away!

Our dog - Dina 2


Dina is a quiet female who has plenty of family in the kennel.


Fizz has her brother Chunky’s cheeky personality and the only female from her litter.

Our dog - Flora 4


What Flora lacks in size she makes up for in enthusiasm and attitude!

Our dog - Foxy 4


The spitting image of her dad, in her younger days Foxy was a pocket rocket!

Our dog - Gaia 5


Gaia likes to play with her 9 brothers and sisters… but she also likes to be in charge.

Our dog - Rosie


Rosie was born in August 2016. She’s playful like her dad Slash and smart like her mum Patch.

Our dog - Grony 3


Grony should have been called Houdini; she can escape from anywhere when it takes her fancy.

Our dog - Hebe 3


Possibly the furriest dog we own, Hebe is a young female who likes nothing more than a cuddle.

Our dog - Hera 3


Hera is fun, lively and best friends with her sister Flora.


 Chaos is small but super focused and likes to run fast!

Our dog - Chunky 4


Chunky is our little monkey. He’s often found wandering around free of his collar and photo-bombing our guests photographs.

Our dog - Jack 1


Jack is sweet, calm and super strong!

Our dog - Juno 2


a mini-me of her mum Patch, Juno is mature beyond her age and fast!

Our dog - Kuka 4


Kuka is a little shy but she loves to say hello to all the other dogs as often as she gets the chance.

Our dog - Leepey 7


Leepey is one of our leaders and has an independent spirit.

Our dog - Loki 2


 A large young male who likes to sleep by his brother Thor’s side, whether Thor likes it or not!

Our dog - Max


Look at those ears! Max has had one up and one down since he was a puppy.

Our dog - Nitro 2


Nitro loves to chew – on everything!

Our dog - Nyx 4


Nyx is the smaller brother of Thor and Loki and the only one in his family with pointed ears.

Our dog - Patch


Patch is fast and the best eater we have in our kennel. She’s also an amazing mum

Our dog - Poppet


Poppet is really fast and strong with bags of energy.

Our dog - Potter


Potter was named as such because as a puppy you could always find him curled up in his food pot!

Our dog - Rambo


Rambo belongs to Milos’s cousin but he often adds bulk and power to our teams.

Our dog - Ratty


Ratty is a rising star in our kennel. She became a leader in her first season running.

Our dog - Richie


A small yet feisty addition to our kennel. He likes to share a yard with Fizz.

Our dog - Rocky


Rocky belongs to Milos’s cousin and is Rambo’s brother. Together they make a strong team and can pull just about anything!

Our dog - Slash


Named after the guitarist in Guns ‘n Roses, Slash is as excitable as a puppy but five times as big!

Our dog - Sonnie


Sonnie is the oldest dog in our kennel but is still a reliable leader and a good influence on the puppies.

Our dog - Thor


Big and boisterous, it’s easy to fall in love with Thor.

Our ddog - Toby


Brother to Max (it must be the ears!) Toby is as reliable as they come. He’s smart, fast and strong.

Our dog - Tobby II

Toby Too

Athletic and strong, Toby Too is one of our quieter dogs.

Our dog - Turbo


Turbo is big and playful but will roll over for anyone that will give him a belly rub!

Our dog - Waf


As smart as he is beautiful, Sir Waf (as we like to call him) is the star of our kennel!

Our dog - Wuf


Wuf doesn’t like to go slow, he likes to be up front setting the pace.